Aleksey Yezerets

Cummins Inc
Corporate Research and Technology
1900 McKinley Ave
Columbus, IN
USA 47201
KB03 Catalysis for Diesel Emissions Control The Age of Adolescence
OB08 Effects of Ba-Carbonate/Carboxylate Surface Species on the NOx Storage Capacity of Pt/Ba/Al2O3 Lean NOx Traps
OC37 Spatiotemporal Analysis of SCR Reactions in Zeolite SCR Catalysts
OC39 Impact of Accelerated Hydrothermal Treatment on Acidity, Oxidation Function and NH3-SCR performance of Cu-HBEA SCR Catalyst
OC50 Site Specific Storage of NH3 on Zeolite Based SCR Catalysts
P-Mo-113 Accelerated Hydrothermal Aging Effects on the Specific Functions of the State-of-the-Art Cu-Zeolite NH3-SCR Catalyst
P-Tu-119 The Impact of Rh Oxidation State on the Kinetics of NO Reduction over NOx Adsorber Catalyst