Jaap C. Schouten

Eindhoven University of Technology
Chemical Reactor Engineering
P.O. Box 513, Helix
STW 1.37, 5600 MB
Eindhoven Netherlands Papers:
OD16 CVD deposited Pd/ZnO nanowires for selective hydrogenation of acetylene alcohols
OF13 Novel Heterogeneous Cu0–Zn Catalysts for the C-O Cross-Coupling Reaction in Micro(wave)-process Flow-Chemistry Applications
OF68 The Use of Directly Grown Carbon Nanofibers on Carbon Paper as a Macroporous Layer in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
P-Mo-131 Kinetic study of the epoxidation of propene over gold-titania catalysts into the explosive regime
P-Mo-134 Rotating foam stirrer reactor: Effect of catalyst coating characteristics and stirrer design on reactor performance
P-Mo-155 Glucose Oxidation in Rotating Foam Reactors
P-We-80 Mechanistic study on the base-free Ullmann condensation with Copper-based nanocatalysts