P-W-BRC-112 A Mn-promotion Study to Compare Fe/Cu/K/SiO2 Catalyst Performance under Mild and Realistic Fischer-Tropsch Conditions

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Ballroom C (Galt House Hotel)
Andrew Campos1, Rachid Oukaci2, James G. Goodwin, Jr.3 and Santosh Gangwal1, (1)Southern Research Institute, USA, (2)Energy Technology Partners, USA, (3)Clemson University, USA.
The study presented here compares catalyst activity and selectivity of a benchmark Fe/Cu/K/SiO2 formulation with Fe/Mn/Cu/K/SiO2 using a CSTR at industrially relevant FT conditions (i.e., pressure, temperature, H2:CO=0.77) for periods in excess of 100 hours. This work compares results from previous low-pressure studies which show significant improvements with Mn-promotion.