O-W-Jon-14 Structure, Chemical State, and Reactivity Correlations During the Oxidation of Methanol Over Size-Selected Pt Nanoparticles Supported On Al2O3

Wednesday, June 5, 2013: 4:20 PM
Jones (Galt House Hotel)
Lindsay Merte1, Mahdi Ahmadi1, Luis Ono1, Farzad Behafarid1, Jeronimo Matos1, Anatoly I. Frenkel2 and Beatriz Roldan Cuenya1, (1)University of Central Florida, USA, (2)Yeshiva University, USA.
The structure and chemical state of size-selected platinum nanoparticles on γ-Al2O3 was studied during the oxidation of methanol following oxidative and reductive pretreatments. X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy measurements reveal that the catalysts are substantially oxidized under reaction condition. Additionally, the pre-oxidized catalyst is more active than the pre-reduced catalyst.

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