P-Tu-Wil-13 Study of Mo and W Polyoxometalates in Oxidative Conversion of C1-C2 Alkanes

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Willis (Galt House Hotel)
Svetlana Tungatarova, Damir Abdukhalykov, T.S. Baizhumanova, Gaukhar Yergaziyeva, Zauresh Zheksenbaeva, Manapkhan Zhumabek and Kaisar Kasymkan, D.V. Sokolsky Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry, Kazakhstan.
Dynamics of transformation of supported heteropoly compound which used as catalyst in oxidative conversion of alkanes has been investigated. The reaction was investigated over HPC on Si-containing carriers at interaction with O2 in the presence of H2Owater vapor, H2, alkane in TPR regime, O2 – in TPO regime.

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