O-W-Seg-12 Reaction of Cyclohexanol on HBEA in Liquid Water

Wednesday, June 5, 2013: 2:50 PM
Segell (Galt House Hotel)
Aleksei Vjunov1, Mary Hu1, Ju Feng1, Donald M. Camaioni1, Chen Zhao2, Jian Zhi Hu1 and Johannes A. Lercher1,2, (1)Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA, (2)Technical University of Munich, Germany.
We report additional details on in-situ study of cyclohexanol dehydration on HBEA in liquid water at elevated temperatures using NMR spectroscopy, which enabled following reaction in real time and discriminating between mechanisms for elimination of water from 1-cyclohexanol-13C by observing rate of 13C-label redistribution in cyclohexanol and cyclohexene during reaction.

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