Larry A. Curtiss

Argonne National Laboratory
Materials Science Division
9700 S. Cass Avenue
Argonne, IL
USA 60439
OB46 Towards the molecular level understanding of reactions involve in the Biomass catalysis
OD20 Novel Nanometer and Sub-Nanometer Size Catalysts for Oxidative and Non-Oxidative Dehydrogenation
OD34 Size-Dependent Catalytic Activity and Selectivity of Subnanometer and Nanometer Size Silver Clusters in the Partial Oxidation of Propylene to Propylene Oxide and Acrolein
P-Mo-94 Combined Raman spectroscopic and Theoretical Investigation of the Five-membered ring molecules and Levulinic Acid: Uncatalyzed and Acid-Catalyzed reaction
P-Tu-54 Quantum Chemistry Studies of Selective Fructose Dehydration on H-ZSM5
P-Tu-76 The structure-reactivity relationship of alumina supported monomeric vanadium oxide catalysts
P-Tu-94 Theoretical Studies of Initial Activation of CO2 on TiO2 surfaces

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