P-We-43 Surface kinetics and adiabatic testing of Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Propane over Rh-supported catalysts

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Ontario Exhibit Hall (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
Dario Livio1, Alessandro Donazzi1, Matteo Maestri1, Alessandra Beretta1, Gianpiero Groppi1, Enrico Tronconi1 and Pio Forzatti2, (1)Dipartimento di Energia, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy, (2)Dipartimento Di Energia, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy
Adiabatic tests of C3H8 CPO were performed at the pilot-scale and analyzed by a detailed reactor model. The thermal behaviour of the reformer represents a crucial issue when hydrocarbons higher than CH4 are fed. However, a stable operation of the reactor can be achieved by optimizing the catalyst aspect ratio.

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