P-Mo-135 Combinatorial Trickle-Bed and Liquid-Phase Reactor and System Development

Monday, June 6, 2011
Ontario Exhibit Hall (Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center )
Mark Krawczyk1, Arne Karlsson2, Martin Plassen2, Elisabeth Myhrvold2, J.W. Adriaan Sachtler1 and Paul Dosek1, (1)Research, UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company, Des Plaines, IL, (2)Hydrocarbon Process Chemistry, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Oslo, Norway
Collaboration with SINTEF has delivered a portfolio of combinatorial systems consisting of catalyst synthesis to vapor-phase test systems. In order to augment capabilities, a trickle-bed and liquid-phase system has been developed and validated. As industry leaders, UOP and SINTEF maintain active programs to further combinatorial applications relevant to heterogeneous catalysis.

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